KZSU 2008 Winter Solstice Marathon

Tune In

Entering it's 16th year, KZSU's Solstice Marathon take over the station for 24 hours and bring you the finest dance music beats with DJs hooking you up from the studios of KZSU with grooves and music love from across the musical landscape.


This event is free and available via streams online so you can listen to it from anywhere you can get internet access.


12:00AM-01:30AM DJ Christopher Leath El Otro Mundo, Leathal, Symbiosis, HotCircuit
01:30AM-03:00AM Dru Deep COA, Eclektronik Groove (KZSU)
03:00AM-04:30AM Joey Tech Tocadisco
04:30AM-06:00AM Paul Leath El Otro Mundo, Leathal, HotCircuit
06:00AM-09:00AM The Green House  
09:00AM-10:30AM DJ Tamotsu  
10:30AM-12:00PM Soulspin Karma SJ, TempleSF
12:00PM-01:30PM Justin Hale Secret Society, StickySF
01:30PM-03:00PM Holt Sorenson hsomusic, Eclektronik Groove (KZSU)
03:00PM-04:30PM Lucas Roddenbush aka EBE doBox, phuture now
04:30PM-06:00PM Rick Preston Viva Recordings, Santa Cruz
06:00PM-07:30PM Qorser doBox, HotCircuit
07:30PM-09:00PM Brad Electro Tarantic Records
09:00PM-10:30PM Amit Shoham Tarantic Records
10:30PM-12:00PM Jenö Back2Back

DJ Christopher Leath

Chris is a wickedly talented DJ drawing from a wide musical taste to challenge your idea of what a DJ set is. His track selection and mixing skills are paragon. He uses these weapons to deftly conjure and enslave musical demons indenturing them to his will as the 1200s bow to the hands of a master.

Dru Deep

Dru Deep plays records, make beats, and designs designs designs. Dru has been playing records since he was a young lad. House is Dru's #1 love. With all the diiferent styles nowadays he hates to label himself as "just a house DJ". He plays oldschool hip hop, disco, electro--versatile is Dru's middle name.

Joey Tech

Joey Tech is a Lover of Jazz, Funk, Disco, Reggae Dubb, HOUSE*ESUOH!!!!,ACIEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!, Baleric(Acid House's Cousin), Early Breaks, Latin, Soul, Disco R&B, Ambient, Drumm n Bass, Trip Hop, Emo Folktronica, Samba, Rumba, Drums!!!...always the drums!!, & Classic Rock. A SAN FRANCISCO HOUSE MUZIK DJ, 1ST AND FOREMOST~ Been Djing for 18 yrs. He started out spinning classic hip hop and Freestyle(high energy to the lamen). But now is prodominantly playing house while building up his Modern Disco, Disco, 80's electro & New Romance, Dub Reggae, & ambient collections as well. He also just delved into the production aspect of making all beats acidic! He is very much titillated about this new venture. He already helped to produce his 1st venture in house music with the help of his friend. They made a track called "Born From The Darkness" on Connected Music. Look for more from Joey as he and his fellow Tocadisco Music Group members continue to bring it to the decks.

DJ Paul Leath

After a long, long break from dj'ing, the "scene", touring, producing, Paul Leath has returned to make another impact on the world of dance music. In his experiences learning the industry and making connections, long lasting friendships, he am kicking off random events in the Bay Area, concentrating on bringing out dj's from all parts of the globe. The objective of this return to his love of dj'ing and music is to continue to enjoy every moment and keep pushing the norm. It's time to kick some ass and ask questions later.... The ride is and will be should be fun!!!! Stay Tuned and check out his new monthly on first fridays at 222 Hyde, Leathal...

The Green House

The Green House is an online mix show hosted by DJ Paul Suite and Mr. Lucky. As they played out today, they were joined by Joe-L.

DJ Tamotsu

Since grade school Tamotsu has always been involved with music by playing in various bands. He picked up his vinyl habit sometime around 1991 when he taught himself how to mix on some 1200's that were left at the house after a party. Hooked for good, Tamotsu has been playing around the area and abroad ever since. Tamotsu has also helped support many of the earliest parties in San Jose, like Velvet Shop. He's played at the ENDUP, WMC, OM, Keep Tahoe Deep amongst many other venues. He's played across the globe from Bangkok to Hawaii.


On music - "I love all kinds of music, whatever's good, but I tend to lean toward the techy & deep."


Transplanted from Arizona in 2002, Richard Whitaker (a.k.a. soulspin) moved to the Bay with one thing in! Wasting no time, he picked up the tools he needed and started DJing anywhere he could. He landed his first residency with Karma SJ at the Blue Monkey and caught the attention of some Bay Area electronic scene legends, Paul and Chris Leath, and has been a regular on the original Pulse Radio show now called EOM Sessions. Soulspin's 'different' sound comes from many years of listening to different artists, DJs, etc., and he credits many but truly has been blessed to play along side names like Rick Preston, Harry Who, MJ Gamez, Lucas Rodenbush, Les Carter, and David Alvarez. Richard stays very close to the saying, "I didn't choose the music, the music chose me". Early in 2008, Richard found himself at the front door of Temple working in the marketing and promotions department. Being in such a key position he has been able to expand on the ideas of being more than just a DJ. He has his hands in more than a few things including in-house remixer/producer/DJ! Surrounded by some of the most talented artists to date, the future is bright and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Justin Hale

Justin Hale has been rocking clubs, festivals and underground shows all over the country since 1993. Hailing from San Francisco's infamous Acid House scene in the early 90's, Justin was influenced by some of the greatest players in the business; Dan, Donald, Jeno, Garth, Doc, Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, etc. Justin started playing bigger shows and festivals in 1997 and began travelling to Los Angeles. Constant SF and LA bookings in 1999 and 2000 led to bookings all over the US and Canada. Justin Hale is well known in Northern California for his new year's house parties in 97-98, 98-99 and the Millennium Y2K. In 2001, his "Secret Society" party was voted best Monday night party in the San Jose area. In 2003 he pioneered the all inclusive underground party format in San Francisco with STICKY! and STICKY XMAS! which included catered food and an open bar all night with your exclusive prepaid invitation. Today, Justin resides in Northern California and travels all over sharing his 'big system sound'. What does Justin Hale sound like? It can only be described as a seamlessly blended funky and pumpin', dirty electro-acid-tech-house with changes and breaks that are expectedly unexpected. His live sets aren't just to be heard, they are to be experienced.

Holt Sorenson

Holt Sorenson is a radio dj for KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM. His live continuous mix show, Eclektronik Groove, can be heard monday mornings from 9AM-12PM Pacific Time (US). The show features various sub-genres of house, techno, and breaks. The show can be streamed online from KZSU. Holt also plays live and has been featured at parties and clubs in DC, LA, Las Vegas, Mexico, San Francisco, and Seattle. Holt is always looking for new music to feature on his show. If you're a label or a producer you can contact Holt on Myspace, Facebook, or by sending an email to .

Lucas Rodenbush aka EBE

Lucas Rodenbush has been an active contributor to the dance music industry for well over 10 years. He is best known for his work as E.B.E. on labels like Soma, Plastic City, Yoshi Toshi, Grayhound, YellOrange and his & Solid Grooves' own San Jose-based Solid Trax, producing electronic house and techno music with a distinctive sonic quality and rhythmic edge. In 2002, he released a roots-techno style project on Detroit's original Transmat and was also featured on their Time:Space_02 project, bringing in the attention of many DJs and collectors from around the globe, including Studio 54 icon and master-remixer Francois Kevorkian. His music has made it onto the tracklists of many a compilation CD by such internationally respected DJs as Danny Tenaglia, Nick Warren, Danny Howells, Chris Fortier, Anthony Pappa, Donald Glaude and Carl Cox. He has also seen a track licensed to the Sony Pictures Classics 35mm release of the feature "Groove" alongside the likes of John Digweed, Octave One and DJ Wish FM. As a DJ, he has visited the UK, Chile, Canada, and has toured throughout Japan and the USA as a premier artist. Rodenbush continues to develop his craft in the studio after receiving his MFA in Experimental Sound Practices and Integrated Media at the distinguished California Institute of the Arts. He also has a BFA in Music Technology, also from CalArts, and an AA in Film & Television from De Anza College.

Rick Preston

Whether you experience Rick Preston's Dj sets in a packed club with half naked bodies pulsating and gyrating around you in the thick vibe, or if its at a huge rave with lasers and thousands of heads jumping and screaming, or at a park on that sunny afternoon with kids and families all getting down to the funky rhythms together in unison, its always guaranteed that you will have the biggest smile of your face after dancing to his music.


Although he started off his career playing Disco and Funk in the early 80's, Rick used his experience in the booming 80's alternative scene to hone his DJing skills. Rick would be part of various nighttime gatherings for friends in bars and night clubs, leading their nights with swooning tunes and industrial beats. And as the music progressed, so would Rick's attraction to what would lead to an even bigger movement, Electronic Music.


In the early 90's, Rick became involved with promotion alongside his frequent Dj gigs. Amongst some of the Bay Area greats, such as Jenö, Garth, Mark Farina, Spun, and Julius Papp, Rick was helping put on club nights and raves in their beginning stages, when the underground at its strongest.


While his DJ sets are mostly considered deep house, they are not limited to just the deep sound. Rick has a special flair for bringing together a multitude of genres which can include tribal rhythms, some tech-house, some Latin textures, a classic track or two, or even a mind awakening spoken word.


As a producer, Preston's motto of quality not quantity has stood him in good stead with some superb labels, notably Glasgow Underground, home to Mateo & Matos, Romanthony, and Neon Heights. He also has releases on AfterHours, Viva! Recordings, Freeze Records, Big Big Trax, and BCE.


Qorser's production is tight and precise. He's been trackin' out, releasing tunez on the dobox netlabel for several years now and is currently working with the other members of HotCircuit on new tracks that will drop soon. Come see him this friday at Anu and stay on the look out for this up and coming DJ and production artist!

Brad Electro

While he never stole his older sister's records, young BradElectro did sneak into her room to find out what the big kid's radio station was. This was a difficult task- what with all the punching, yelling and quickly being chased out. Back in the safety of his own room, however, Brad overshot the Top 40 station and tuned in Magic 108 FM- the legendary black frequency of St. Louis. Playing perfectly on cue, Kool and the Gang's new hit record, "Get Down On It" bumped out the box and time stood still. The mothership had landed and a young hyperactive boy was forever funkified for life.


Years later, fresh out of art school and living in Chicago, Brad eventually grew tired of the insular gallery scene, and wondered if he might be able to reach a wider audience through music. "If you show someone your new sculpture, half the time they don't even know what to say,. Brad explains. .But play them a piece of music and they'll either love it or hate it- at least they'll be able to express an opinion." Brad never received any sort of formal musical training but he had an extensive record collection, a souped-up PC a former employer gave him in lieu of a paycheck, and a brand new copy of the music sequencing software ReBirth. It was time to get down on it indeed.


BradElectro has been performing live electronic music in clubs, undergrounds, renegades and churches for more than 7 years. Originally starting with the classic MMT-8 sequencer, he switched to the Roland MC-909 and now currently rocks Abelton Live alongside an arsenal of outboard effects and his mighty Mackie mixer. Gear doesn't make the groove but it helps, and BradElectro is definitely not just a laptop jockey. Musically, his love for vocals and melody is obvious in his songs, but like many of his Chicago heroes, the man can get tracky as well.


BradElectro's live PA sets him apart, but he's also a DJ, producer, remixer and collaborates on such projects as Turn Out The Lights, Hi-Powah and Duo Electro. He has tracks out on Tarantic Records, Soulmine Records and Electric Zen. Record releases, remix credits and good gigs are great but they're not necessarily at the heart of Brad's motivation. "Music and art in general is one of the main cornerstones of my life- it's as important to me as my health, my partner, and my faith. I'm not sure what I'd be doing if I wasn't making music- I guess I wouldn't be me!"

Amit Shoham

Amit Shoham is one of the founders of Tarantic Records. He has been playing music since the age of six and is proficient on keyboards, guitar, and bass. He has also had a life-long interest in music-related technology, and has dabbled in everything from designing studio components to creating computer programs that compose music. Amit first took interest in electronic dance music in 1992 when he was first introduced to San Francisco's rave scene. He began creating techno and house tracks and experimented with live, improvised ambient/downtempo sets. In 1995 Amit began collaborating with DJ Blackstone. The duo's first effort, "The Flute Song" caught the attention of Dubtribe's Sunshine and Moonbeam Jones. Dubtribe remixed the track impeccably, and released the remix on the Imperial Dub label. Blackstone and Amit launched "House of Stone Records" in November 1998, and released "Johnny Mojo's Theme," their first release under the Disciples of Johnny Mojo moniker. In 1999 they renamed the label "Tarantic Records," and have continued producing and releasing house music since. Amit's production credits include his work with DJ Blackstone as the Disciples of Johnny Mojo, as well as many of his own tracks.


Born in london in the mid-sixties and citing his mum's far out record collection as a major early influence, Jenö has always had a magical relationship with music. A relationship that has been strengthened by his unconventional upbringing, his five chaotic years as a punk musician and then his head first fall into the London warehouse scene of the mid-eighties. It was here that he begged for, borrowed and even stole his first records and turntables, developing a passionate love for dance music that led to many memorable gigs (including his own heady "Whoosh" parties) and spontaneous adventures, often with his old mates from the now infamous "Tonka Sound System".


After heading to San Francisco in 1991 in search of a more psychedelic groove, he and several friends began the now legendary "Full Moon" parties. The friendly vibe and hedonistic atmosphere found at these free outdoor events attracted a large and diverse crowd of people, and set the tone for the future of the "underground" dance music scene in Northern California.


Inspired by the acid drenched, jazz laden, funk driven and disco'd out sounds of San Francisco's past, Jenö along with the other "Wicked" dj's has helped define an eclectic and soulful musical style that has become known as the "San Francisco Sound".


Now after eleven years he has become one of most loved and sought after dj's in the United States. His unique sound and superb mixing skills have gained him a following all over North America and parts of Europe. He has played at the "Rex Club" in Paris, the legendary "Twilo" in New York, "Industry" in Toronto, the "Ministry of Sound" in London, in Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Montreal and in most major cities in the USA. He also runs the "Wicked" parties in San Francisco with the other members of the "Wicked Crew" and has played alongside their many guest dj's including Louie Vega, Tony Humphries, Roger Sanchez, Stacy Pullen, DJ Pierre, Francois Kevorkian, Harvey, Kenny Hawkes and Chez Damier.


Jenö has released numerous mix tapes and CD's including a mix for probably the most prestigious of all the house music CD sets in the US, the "United DJ's of America" series by DMC and Moonshine, and has begun working in the studio on his own music. He has a remix of DJ Garth's "20 minutes of Disco Glory" and Rocket's "People" available on Grayhound Records. Also available are remixes of "We Come One" by Faithless on Cheeky Records and "Que Pasa" by Nigel hayes on Contrast recordings.