KZSU 2011 Summer Solstice Marathon

Tune In

Now in it's 18th year, KZSU's Solstice Marathon takes over the station for over 30 hours and brings you the finest dance music beats with DJs hooking you up from the studios of KZSU with grooves and love from across the musical landscape. This marathon is hosted by Jack Wang (Big Love).


This summer's solstice marathon will be starting up Sunday June 19th at 12:30 PM Pacific. Find out when the marathon is going down in your time zone!


This event is free and available via streams online so you can listen to it from anywhere you can get internet access.



June 19th


Amit Shoham (Tarantic Records)


Anthony Mansfield (HeCTor WoRKs, Green Gorilla, Moulton Studios)


Arturo Garces (Jump Recordings)


J-Funk (Jump Recordings)


Hektor Perez (Tocadisco)


Paul Leath (eomSessions)
June 20th


Danny Dalton (KZSU)


Chris Gold (KZSU)


Niels Joubert (KZSU)


Holt Sorenson (KZSU)


CJ Larsen (CityDeep Music, MML)


Jonathan Barnes (KZSU)


Dru Deep (KZSU)


Vega Garcia (Soloist Records, TropicalSF)


Stevian (Electronic Generation, Common Ground Radio)

Line Up

Amit Shoham

Amit Shoham is one of the founders of Tarantic Records. He has been playing music since the age of six and is proficient on keyboards, guitar, bass and percussion. He has also had a life-long interest in music-related technology, and has dabbled in everything from designing studio components to creating computer programs that compose music.

Amit first took interest in electronic dance music in 1992 when he was introduced to San Francisco's rave scene. He began creating techno and house tracks and experimented with live, improvised ambient/downtempo sets. In 1995 Amit began collaborating with San Francisco house music pioneer DJ Blackstone. The duo's first effort, "The Flute Song" caught the attention of Dubtribe's Sunshine and Moonbeam Jones. Dubtribe remixed the track impeccably, and released the remix on the Imperial Dub label. Blackstone and Amit launched House of Stone Records in November 1998, and released, "Johnny Mojo's Theme," their first release under the Disciples of Johnny Mojo moniker. In 1999 they renamed the label Tarantic Records and have continued producing and releasing house music since.

As Amit's passion for house music grew, so did his collection of vinyl. He began learning how to beat match and mix records. At first his sole intention was to improve his production skills by gaining a DJ's perspective on his material. But Amit was soon hooked and quickly became determined to show off his skills behind the decks. Amit's DJ and production skills progressed quickly and he continued honing his sound and venturing into new territory, from soulful and sexy deep house to acid house and electro. DJ Blackstone's involvement in Tarantic Records gradually diminished and Amit eventually took over the label's entire operation. Amit continues to DJ, produce and remix house music, runs the Tarantic Records label and collaborates with DJ's and labels around the globe.


tarantic records


Anthony Mansfield

Anthony Mansfield has been on a 18-year journey through the world of psychedelic dance music ever since attending the now-legendary full moon massives of San Francisco's Wicked Crew in the early 90's. Anthony spent the rest of the decade in New York, spreading the gospel of deep house across the Empire State with a late- night radio show, his 8-year-running weekly, and the countless underground parties that gave birth to his own crew, HectorWorks Soundsystem. After an exhausting and debaucherous 2-year run as GM, talent booker, and resident DJ at upstate's largest live music venue, The Odyssey, Anthony was ready to return to San Francisco.

Anthony hit the West Coast running in 2001, joining his old friend DJ M3 as resident DJ and co-promoter of the infamous Green Gorilla Lounge in a string of successful weekly club nights, true seat-of-your-pants underground parties, and blown- out monthly events across the Bay Area, with some of the city's and world's best names in dance music. Anthony has left his mark on Burning Man for the last decade as well, at the Space Lounge, Green Gorilla, and Disco Knights sound camps, with a trail of exhausted dancers and party people in the wake of his many epic sets on the playa.

Anthony has been producing his own particular brand of dance music since his first release on Rong Records in '04 with Ben Cook as 'Barfly'. Quickly moving to found his own label, Hector Works, in 2005 with NYC deep-house production wizard Nick Chacona, Anthony has worked with Garth, Tal M. Klein, Sneak-E Pete, M3, and others in the last five years, releasing tracks on Gomma, Moodmusic, Aniligital, and Om Records. His tunes have received nods (and plays) from some of the world's top DJs, including Dimitri from Paris, Harvey, Greg Wilson, Doc Martin, Idjut Boys, Ivan Smaggle, The Revenge, Pete Herbert, and Playgroup. Camped out in his room at Moulton Studios, Anthony is currently hard at work on the 14th release for Hector Works, and looking forward to taking a break for the Treasure Island Music Festival!


hector works
green gorilla lounge


Arturo Garces

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Arturo Garces has been surrounded by dance music his entire life. The son of a serious collector of funk, soul and disco records, Arturo grew up listening to the roots of house music. These early influences are evident in his works as a DJ and producer today. He has releases on both established & strictly underground labels (Subliminal, Jump, Plush, Trax Café and Audio Abuse to name a few). With a solid collection of tracks,Arturo's music has helped define the unique and emerging Silicon Valley sound. This approach blends the driving, beat-laden beauty of techno with the soulful, deep melodies of house. He has had many collaborations & releases with fellow South Bay artists, including Lucas Rodenbush, Mustafa, Alonso Ordonez, Mattski, Derek Scott, Spun & Chris Jackson. With his hard work, dedication and passion for dance music, rturo is definitely one to watch.


jump recordings


CJ Larsen

After playing collegiate baseball for 4 years, C.J. Larsen dived right into the vibrant underground dance music scene in the San Francisco Bay Area.




Chris Gold


Danny Dalton


Dru Deep

Dru Deep plays records, make beats, and designs designs designs. Dru has been playing records since he was a young lad. House is Dru's #1 love. With all the diiferent styles nowadays he hates to label himself as "just a house DJ". He plays oldschool hip hop, disco, electro--versatile is Dru's middle name.




Hektor Perez


Holt Sorenson

Holt Sorenson is a dj for KZSU Stanford 90.1 FM. His live continuous mix show, Eclektronik Groove, can be heard monday mornings from 9AM-12PM Pacific Time (US). The show features various sub-genres of house, techno, and breaks. The show can be streamed online. Holt also plays live and has been featured at parties and clubs in DC, LA, Las Vegas, Mexico, San Francisco, and Seattle.





The Bay Area is home to some the greatest artists in electronic music. Many have started their careers there and J-Funk is no exception. Born and raised in San Jose, J-Funk has always had a passion for music. Like many artists, music has played an important role in his life. In 1992 J-Funk decided to start DJing hip hop and high energy, then gradually switched to house music after listening to DJs of the time (Garth, Tony, Mark Farina). Motivated and inspired by his peers and fans, J-Funk's love for music is deep. In 2002 he decided to take on the role of DJ/Producer. Currently in the studio, J-Funk is awaiting the release of his first e.p. "Havin' Fun".


jump recordings


Jonathan Barnes


Niels Joubert


Paul Leath

After a long, long break from dj'ing, the "scene", touring, producing, Paul Leath has returned to make another impact on the world of dance music. In his experiences learning the industry and making connections, long lasting friendships, he am kicking off random events in the Bay Area, concentrating on bringing out dj's from all parts of the globe. The objective of this return to his love of dj'ing and music is to continue to enjoy every moment and keep pushing the norm. It's time to kick some ass and ask questions later.... The ride is and will be should be fun!!!!





Stevian sez: 'I've always loved the different beats and melodies of music and when I heard House music for the first time, it captured my soul. I've been collecting since the early 90's and consider myself a "mixed bag" when it comes to explaining what style of music I play.'

I would have to say that being from the Bay Area the "SF Sound" has had a huge influence on me. I've been very fortunate to play with DJ's such as Spun, Tony, Simon, Jeno and Buck who are not only some of my favorites, but also DJs that have influenced me over the years. I try to incorporate more than one genre of music that will take people on a musical journey so..sit back, relax and enjoy the trip!


electronic generation


Vega Garcia